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Socialist Party Leicester


These links take you to the socialist party websites and other initatives and organisations in Leicester.

Socialist Party


Socialist Students

Anti Racism

Initiatives and Organisations in Leicester

  • Leicester Socialist Students are based at Leicester University and campaign on issues affecting students and for socialism, including the fight against tuition Fees
  • http://radical.members.beeb.net/

  • Leicester Radical Alliance

  • We are involved an alliance with other socialist and radical groups and individuals in Leicester which helps to co-ordinate campaigning and discussion. It produces a local monthly newsletter called Grassroots. to contact them email Leicester Radical Alliance

      EMCP A group of school students in Leicester who describe themselves as revolutionary socialists.

    Leicester Campaign to Stop the War. Leicester's part of the national Coalition to Stop the War

    Unity Against Prejudice Set up as a response to the fascist threats against the Leicester Mardi Gras. Organised a successful march, rally and party to celebrate LGB lifestyles in defiance af the nazis and to campaign against all forms of prejudice. Socialist Party members played a big role in setting it up and organising the events.

    We will provide more links here as soon as we have some! Let us know if you want your link included.

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